Trance Conditioning for Healing and Empowerment

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Upcoming Topics

Some topic ideas/headlines: (these are also destined to be topics on our blogs/channels)

Hypnotherapist: - Shaman of the 21st Century
Hypnosis and Quantum Leaps of Consciousness
Using the power of Hypnosis for Healing and Transformation
A Wizard's Guide to the Art of Manifestation (This is a book in progress that I'm compiling many of my writings and notes into)
The Magic Power of Myth, Ritual, and Symbolism
Magical Transformation: Mind-Body Dynamics
Trance States - Access to the Powers of Mind

Hypnosis for Mastery of Mind and Body

Other Topics/Ideas - these are in no particular order for purposes of production or programming

  1. The quantum leap: from the ordinary to the extra-ordinary (Why the first simple step is the most important one)
  2. Reality, Truth, and slippery slopes.
  3. From impossible, to possible: The Transmutation of Reality & The sorcerer’s stone
  4. The magic power of persistence
  5. The magic power of appreciation
  6. The magic power of generosity
  7. The magic that is science
  8. The magic that is consciousness
  9. Sex, Power, and Magic; a history: Sexual energy is a kind of magical energy
  10. Sex, Power, and Magic; re-claiming our birthrights
  11. Ancient ways and knowledge: when science, spirituality, and religion were one,
  12. Indigenous Wisdom & Timeless knowledge: What we need to remember today.
  13. Past, Present & Future: It’s all just for Now.
  14. Reincarnation: Past and future lives - we’re already doing it, physical death not required.
  15. Empowerment from our past and future “selves”
  16. The quest for the Holy Grail: Finding our purpose (not porpoise!) in life.
  17. Our amazing brains
  18. Perception and perspective
  19. The windows of the mind: Logic, Intuition and Empirical Knowledge
  20. Day to day life
  21. Safety and protection
  22. Magic & Imagination
  23. The Art of Manifestation - a wizard’s guide
  24. A brief history of ritual practice
  25. The power of ritual and myth- for better or worse....
  26. Spell-casting: The power of symbols, words, and thoughts.
  27. Positive (Additive) and Negative (Subtractive) Magic: It’s not all Black and White.
  28. Transpersonal psychodynamics: Understanding the Projection or Absorption of emotional energy.
  29. Cosmology - Time, matter, and existence.
  30. Cosmology part 2 - Why does matter, matter?
  31. Staying Healthy
  32. Understanding the Body
  33. Understanding the Mind
  34. The body-mind connection
  35. Youthfulness extension (anti-aging: A strange kind of misnomer.)
  36. Alchemy, synergy, and transformation
  37. Magical/Transformational Technologies
  38. Sustainability
  39. How to - DIY stuff
  40. What is Love, really?
  41. Emotions and how to manage them
  42. Attachment and Non-attachment
  43. Romance & Attraction
  44. Unrequited feelings of attraction (romance part 2)
  45. Keeping the Romantic fires lit (romance part 3)
  46. Healthy relationships
  47. What makes relationships dysfunctional (relationship part 2)
  48. Healing Relationships (part 3)
  49. Maintaining Healthy relationships (part 4)
  50. Cutting Cords: cleaning house & letting go (part 5)
  51. Toxic relationships - cleaning house & letting go (part 6)
  52. The power of communication
  53. Community, politics, participation, and staying connected
  54. How to avoid disasters: Learning the Lessons of History
  55. Being interested…
  56. Being Inspired
  57. Overcoming Emotional obstacles
  58. The power of trance states
  59. Always be learning

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