Trance Conditioning for Healing and Empowerment

Check out this trance inducing production on our Hypnosis & Healing channel. This 22 minute self-hypnosis program is a great alternativ...

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Our episodes cover a range of topics, and include hypnotic trancework, and other modalities designed to support you on your quest for purpose and happiness.

Types of Episodes include:

One on One Discussion
Guest Interviews
Movement demonstrations and practices
Trance Induction Self Hypnosis Programming

Here's a quick overview of our coming productions:

Do It Yourself/How To
Energy Wizardry - Solar, Wind, and Water Power
Solar Power
Electricity Basics and Safety
Energy Self-Sufficiency

Health, Wellness & Extended Youthfulness
Components of Wellbeing
Hi-Tech Nutriceuticals: Facts and Fictions
The Healing Power of Relaxation and Meditation
Mind over Matter
Complimentary Health Care Practices that really Work!
High Tech Magic - Turning Back the Clock on your image
Weight Loss/Weight Management
Medical Miracles

Magical Movement
Chi Energy & ChiGong
Shaolin Secrets
Shamanic & Indigenous Practices

The Mysteries of Physics & Metaphysics
List TBA

List TBA

Myth, Magic(k) & Alchemy
List TBA

Hypnosis Conditioning,
& TransformationalTrancework
List TBA

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