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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Real Magic. Really!

For those who happen upon our humble site looking for real Magic, you will certainly find that here, at least, our particular version of it. We tend to de-mystify things, and un-occlude the occult, since we find that bringing things to light and understanding them (and ourselves) better makes for real empowerment, and the best magic. That is to say, good metaphysics makes for great physics - practical and powerful effects/outcomes in the material universe.

It is for mind to guide and shape matter. Just as matter gives form and substance to mind.

So, while the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, for instance, provides great inspiration and fodder for the imagination, we in the "non" fiction world of material reality will work within the constraints of the laws of physics (whether known or unknown), as dictated by nature. HOWEVER, in the immaterial world of the MIND, such constraints fall away, and possibilities become limitless. "Magical practices" are truly for the mind. Rightly done, the "magic of the mind" (or applied metaphysics) may bring about powerful and long lasting effects, or results, in the material universe.

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