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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Science and Consciousness

Wizardz Wizdom is intended to explore the sciences of health and healing, the physical universe and the psychic worlds of the mind…

From simple technologies to the most advanced and cutting edge… we explore ways that we as human beings are redefining what it means to be alive.

The wisdom of the ancients - the indigenous peoples - the ancestors - spent thousands upon thousands of years observing the natural world, and learning from it.

All human beings come from an indigenous people.

Every good thing we have now - our technologies are built upon this foundation. But, lest we forget the most important, profound, and hard won lessons, we must frequently open up a portal, to travel back in time. We must learn and relearn from them, be reminded by them, connect to those that have maintained their deep ties to those ancients, our ancestors, across space and time. We make the bridge through alchemies of the mind, and the magic of iMAGInation.

Consciousness is understood to be a funtion of brain, of neurons, and the soup of chemistry in which they swim - from chemistry => alchemy

Chemistry is for neurology, Alchemy is for mind and existence...

The body commands forces of nature, the mind commands the "magic" and wonder of existence.

The forces of nature can have an impact on a moment in time; they come, and go. They Erode, and recycle, and regrow. They rise and fall. But. the magic of mind influences the nature of reality itself, our existence, the direction of life; liberation from suffering; the potential for happiness; it has an enduring quality that extends indefinitely through space and time.

A mountain will not always be a mountain. A sea will not always be a sea… but compassion and wisdom will forever be what they are.

If we will physically survive the forces of nature and many of the unwise causes our disconnected modern selves have made in this realm, from global warming and climate change, to overpopulation and extreme poverty, and if we would truly benefit from the wizardry of our modern advances/advantages - we must reconnect with that timeless wisdom perceived so clearly for millennia by the ancients - we and the earth are one. We are interconnected with every other living thing. It is not enough to look through the superhuman technologies of observation we have brought into existence... We must also be able to look within, and look FROM within. From the perspectives of Wisdom and Compassion. When humanity can see the world through BOTH "eyes" of Science and the "Heart," then our vision will penetrate the fog of complacency, arrogance, and greed. Only then can the power of clairvoyance again present itself to human beings.

Good wizardry is about seeking to be wise not only in ways to command nature, but seeking the wisdom that can only be derived from self-knowledge and understanding - and then rightly commanding the nature of the self. When the self is rightly commanded, nature is guided for the good of all.

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