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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

To Be Conceited or not Conceited. A good question...

  1. excessively proud of oneself; vain.
    synonyms:vainnarcissisticself-centered, egotistic, egotisticalegocentric

Conceit is not a virtue. Frankly it is and leads to exactly the opposite of EVERYTHING I have ever been taught and trained to be by every single good teacher, guru, master, spiritual guide, prophet, friend, parent, grandparent, or happy, positive, or compassionate thought I have ever known.

To be the epitome of conceit, means to be a closed book. It is to live in a canned reality. A full cup cannot accept more tea. A person that continues day in and day out to believe he knows everything, will stop or slow learning to a snails pace. His spiritual growth will be done. Stunted. Malformed. This is the high cost of arrogance.
Plenty of celebrated, or even notorious public figures who exhibit this character defect are often admired and their behaviors copied. SO WHY? Why would ANYONE admire or even "worship" such a person... The hard truth is that their followers identify with them. His personality traits are their personality traits. Defective as they are, they get some vicarious satisfaction, and see a peek of success, and get a whiff of possibility they can associate with their own bankrupt modus operandi, and reinforce it. These are the Gordon Gecko clones and wannabes that seek to validate their own shallowness, their own narcissistic diseases as if they were virtues.
Humility is our access to a lifetime of personal and spiritual growth. Humility opens the doors of the mind to learning, to wisdom, and compassion. It is only our humility that gives us our authentic humanity. When we can admit that we need other people, and that it is ok for them to need us, we can be free to work together, and be stronger together. One arrow can be easily snapped in two. But a bundle of arrows? Your two hands could never break them. Not even one. This is why in the great seal of the USA we see an eagle clutching a bundle of 13 arrows in its claw. They represent the original 13 colonies and the strength they derived through their common bonds and mutual support.
It takes courage and humility to rise to such a level of ACTUAL greatness and true power.
Anything else is smoke, and mirrors. Illusions that come and go like nightmares that retreat in the waking light of the rising sun.

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