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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Will you Win or Lose at Life?

Either way, you decide by what you do and how you "be" when you encounter struggle, and difficulty.
If you would have a happy life, the following consideration is mandatory:
Your desire and commitment to do better, to be better must always prevail over any feelings of discouragement, and/or any destructive thoughts you may experience, whether they be of your own mind, or from the minds of others against you.
It's important to distinguish this - you have thoughts, they don't have you.
It is your responsibility alone to make sure of this. No one else can do it for you.
Otherwise you are casting your destiny into to the wind to be blown this way and that, leaving your life and death purely to chance circumstances. You will have no power or force of your own, and will be at the complete mercy of the countless forces outside of your body, and outside of your reasoning mind, when you ACTUALLY have a choice to be in your own limitless power, exercising and growing your own forces for victory.
Part of living life means dealing with contrary forces. All creatures and substances encounter obstacles. No one is alone in this.
So you must never use this fact as any sort of excuse to be discouraged, or self destructive. Always remind yourself that any negative, self defeating action taken as a result of discouraged thinking is always inappropriate. It will never be OK. The thoughts are one thing. They come and go, and they have no power unless you allow yourself to be misguided into surrendering your power to them.
You are a being gifted with human consciousness and nearly limitless potential: you are meant to learn how to navigate through the maze of existence, not to be stopped by anything that may appear to block your way.
Remember to seek lessons of wisdom from natural world: Let's consider water, in this instance: Water has much to teach us. It is a very special element in the traditional sense, as it is the foundation of our essential, biological existence.
Water always finds it's level, when it meets a barrier, it finds the paths open to it.
When there is no way around, water makes it's own way; it builds in strength and power, and rises above the obstacle, overcoming it.
Eventually water eradicates and tears down these obstacles, passing through as if there never was an obstacle to begin with.
As my cousin Mary once said to me: Water always wins.
When your mind is clear about these facts, like the pure water of a glacial lake, the Buddha Nature that is revealed in you in that moment, will always win.
-Sparrowhawk 2018

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